Ewan Watson, aged 27, Wind Turbine Engineer

I have been working with Martin on/off for a year and a half and over this period have seen some major improvements. I first decided on the idea of a Personal Trainer in 2011 at another gym in Edinburgh however through a friend’s recommendation I decided to switch to Martin. With the price, slot flexibility and the facilities available at Edinburgh University CSE this was an easy decision.

My aim was to gain muscle mass through various sessions however due to the nature of my work and other commitments I could only attend twice a week to start off with. Martin tailored my programme to this as well as giving me extra sessions to do in the gym on my own. I was soon smashing my PBs in all departments which is a credit to Martin and his tailored programmes.

Martin is a great guy and a very professional trainer who I would highly recommend (I have had other trainers in Edinburgh) - I have already recommended Martin to a number of people at work.

Some of the strength feats I achieved were I went from benching 107kg to 140kg, squatting 120kg to 160kg, bodyweight chin ups to weighted chin ups with 20kg and a 90kg strict press.

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