Chris Ewan, Aged 37.

As someone who had not been in regular exercise for some time I was very out of shape and more over weight than I had realised, Martin’s approach was excellent.  We talked through what I wanted achieve and the best ways for us to move forward, Martin looked at my diet and recommend ways that I should adjust that to work with the exercise to help me achieve my goals.  Martin’s determination and enthusiasm to help is fantastic.  His knowledge and experience mean that he is able to give advice and guidance on every aspect of my fitness programme and I feel that I can trust his advice completely as I know that it has come years of experience and education within the industry.  With Martin’s help I have managed to shed over 15kg and still going.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who was looking for a Personal Trainer, either as someone who is looking to get back in shape for something specific or starting from scratch with no experience at all.

My starting weight was 106kg in April. It is now December and I am now sitting at 88kg, with Martins help I continue to make progress and further change my body shape.

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