Ashley Cooke, Marie Curie ESR Fellow Aged 24

I started training with Martin as my PT last year and I have noticed huge improvements in my level of fitness and general appearance in that time. He tailored routines to suit my goals, my availability and my capabilities. He was able to focus on areas that I had neglected in the past and corrected my technique on many exercises. I was given helpful information on how to improve my diet to bolster what we had done in the gym. I spent three years weightlifting before going to Martin and didn't see a fraction as much progress then as I do now.

Having a PT to continuously motivate you (whatever the weather!) to go to the gym in the first place and to push yourself beyond your comfort zone is vital if you're serious about getting fit and Martin does these things rigorously and professionally. I would recommend anyone; male or female, old or young and even lazy or athletic to approach Martin if they're serious about getting fit

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