Thomas Eden

Goal – Muscle gain & Definition

Thomas came to me a few months back looking for a new training programme. He had been following a traditional body-part split and was struggling to see any results. It was evident to see that Thomas was a hard gainer, standing at 6’2 with a traditional ectomorph body shape. The programme he had been doing was fine for a more advanced level bodybuilder but, for a hard gainer, I believe muscle groups need to be hit more than once a week for results.

I changed Thomas' training regime to ensure muscle groups were hit more than once per week. I used a push/pull/legs/mix split. Focus here was on frequency and volume. Sets were 4-6 and rep ranges 10-12. This, in turn, would create the hypertrophy response Thomas was looking for and spark that muscle growth.

Alongside the new programme, I helped Thomas with a diet template and recommended some supplements that would assist him with his training and physique development. Through education and consultation, Thomas now has his diet in check.

I change Thomas’ programme every 4 weeks and he continues to increase his strength. Thomas has gone from 178 pounds to 195 pounds, has significantly reduced his body fat and increased his lean muscle and definition. See photos below.


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