Julia Lawton

Goal – Injury Rehab and Strength

Julia came to me in the summer of 2012 with the goal of improving her posture and strength but above all finding a solution to her shoulder impingement and chronic neck pain.

Upon assessment of Julia’s posture, it was clear to see a number of issues; protracted shoulder girdle, downward inferior rotation of scapula, excessive medial rotation of the shoulder and kyphosis. Tightness to the following muscles were apparent: pec minor, lattisimus dorsi, subscapularis, levator scapula. As a result, Julia displayed poor bio-mechanics of the upper limbs, resulting in faulty movement patterns. The knock-on effect is muscles firing in the wrong sequence and wrong muscles firing to compensate. Tightness was especially evident around her neck, scalenes and lavatory scapulae – elevating her first rib causing chronic neck spasm. Basically, Julia had built up a huge imbalance with her anterior muscles entirely dominant over posterior muscles with synergist function non-existant (Lower traps, seratus anterior & infraspinatus).

To correct the imbalance, the focus became to strengthen the opposing muscles and improve the function of her stabilizer muscles. I implemented a 3:1 pull to push ratio with an emphasis on improving function, control and fatigue resistance of her mid/lower traps, infraspinatus(external rotation of the shoulder) and anterior deltoid. A greater focus was put on eccentric contraction and correct synergist recruitment. In conjunction with this, exercises were added to improve function of seratus anterior in the horizontal plane of motion and in upward rotation.

A year down the line and Julia can perform almost all activities pain free. She no longer has shoulder impingement at all and has alleviated her chronic neck pain and built an impressive upper back!


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