Gary Beadle

Goal – To reduce bodyfat and overall body mass in preparation for a film role.

Gary came to me during the month of August while he was in Edinburgh performing daily during the festival in his critically acclaimed stage play ‘Banksy: The Room in the Elephant’. Gary is an actor and has featured in high profile roles such as Casualty, The Bill and, most famously, Eastenders (Paul Trueman.)

Gary had recently been cast in the movie ‘In the Heart of the Sea’, which is being directed by Ron Howard (Apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code, Rush). The pre-production began in September and the plot of the film involved a ship crew being marooned at sea for several weeks. Subsequently, the role required Gary to lose as much body-fat and overall weight as possible to fit in with his role in the movie.

Gary arrived in Edinburgh in good condition, thanks to his last PT, and it was time to up the intensity and build on his initial progress. Our focus was to keep the heart-rate elevated as much as possible during each one hour session and burn as many calories as possible. We used a mixture of interval training, high intensity circuits, super-sets, triple sets and abdominal tri-sets. Rest ratios were kept small and intensity was high. This, in conjunction with his low carbohydrate, protein rich diet (devised by the nutritionists on the movie) worked well.

I worked with Gary 3-4 times per week throughout the month of August and, after a month, we were able to reduce his body-fat significantly and increase his muscle tone whilst changing his body composition. Gary worked very hard and was game for anything.

It was a pleasure to work with Gary and I wish him all the best in his future roles and look forward to the film which is out this summer!

Pictured below is Gary in his final condition for the movie! Shredded! After he left Edinburgh he continued to work with personal trainers from Warner Brothers Studio, building on the progress we started. Great work!

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