Chris Ewan

Goal – Weight Loss

Chris is someone who hadn't partaken in any kind of regular exercise. He admitted himself that his fitness was poor and he was more overweight than he would like to have been. His goals goals were to lose weight and improve his fitness.

First, I changed his diet from processed starchy foods to lean meats, non-refined carbohydrates and nutrient-dense fruit and veg.

Chris has seen me on average 2 times per week. All workouts were cardio-based focusing on keeping the HR elevated for the entire hour and burning as many calories as possible.

So far Chris has done fantastically to dramatically reduce his bodyweight and improve his fitness levels – no longer feeling like he needs a defibrillator during anaerobic work!

Starting bodyweight in May 2013 – 106kg

Current bodyweight in Dec 2013 – 88.6kg

Target bodyweight – 80kg

Chris has done excellent and managed to shed over 15kg and is still going strong. His bodyweight has completely changed and, as a result, he has had to buy a whole new wardrobe! Once we hit the target bodyweight, our emphasis will change to weight training in which we will focus on building lean muscle and changing Chris’ bodyshape further. Well done to Chris!

Below is a photo of Chris with his current physique and in a shirt from when we started! Great Progress!


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