Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What qualifications and experience do you have?

I am degree educated with a wealth of experience in fitness and exercise. In addition i am also a level 3 personal trainer on the Register of exercise professionals and UKSCA level 1.

How long will it take to get results?

That depends on a number of factors such as your goal, the number of sessions you are doing and what kind of shape you are in at the beginning.  Usually, the average person, who comes in to see us trying to lose weight, notices a difference in themselves in 4 weeks and, in 12 weeks, they have people really noticing the amount of weight they have lost.

What percentage of your clients get the results they want?

Most clients get the results they want. The only ones who tend to not get the results they were after, are people who skipped sessions and didn’t keep up the recommended diet that has been set out. Please read my testimonials to see what some of my clients have said about training.

How often should I have personal training a week?

The number of sessions you do a week is entirely up to your own budget and how fast you want results.  I usually recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per week and a maximum of 4 sessions with the majority of our clients doing 2-3 sessions per week.  However, if you have use of another gym you can train with me less often and I can advise you how to train on your own, if desired.

I have struggled with my weight and fitness for a long time, how will a personal trainer make a difference?

The purpose of a personal trainer is to provide a specific programme based on underpinning scientific knowledge. Each client has an initial consultation discussing barriers, objectives and goals in preparation to beginning training. Once an appointment has been made, both the trainer and the client are committed to the programme. This continued commitment would ensure results through a continually adapted, challenging and progressive programme.

What equipment do I need?

The only equipment a client needs is suitable clothing and footwear. Clothes that restrict movement may not be suitable for the range of activity within a session. All other equipment required for the session is located in the gym.

Is the assesment free and what does it involve?

Yes the initial assessment is free. You will be invited to meet me at the facility for an initial consultation. This will allow me to look at your current fitness level in appropriate depth. It includes an assessment of fatigue threshold, posture, bio-mechanics and core stability. We will also discuss goals and the most effective training regime and diet to help you achieve them.

Why do you get better results than other personal trainers?

Because I do things very differently. More experience and a greater level of education is a good start. I design and implement an effective programme that abides by the factors, which underpin exercise, to provide a well-balanced and highly effective routine to help you achieve your goals....FAST.

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