Ashley Cooke, Marie Curie ESR Fellow Aged 24

I started training with Martin as my PT last year and I have noticed huge improvements in my level of fitness and general appearance in that time. He tailored routines to suit my goals, my availability and my capabilities. He was able to focus on areas that I had neglected in the past and corrected my technique on many exercises. I was given helpful information on how to improve my diet to bolster what we had done in the gym. I spent three years weightlifting before going to Martin and didn't see a fraction as much progress then as I do now.

Having a PT to continuously motivate you (whatever the weather!) to go to the gym in the first place and to push yourself beyond your comfort zone is vital if you're serious about getting fit and Martin does these things rigorously and professionally. I would recommend anyone; male or female, old or young and even lazy or athletic to approach Martin if they're serious about getting fit

Thomas Eden, Student Aged 23

Before working with Martin I was going to the gym five times a week for over an hour each day. In two years I only gained 10 pounds of muscle then completely plateaued. Now that I have been using Martin’s program I only have to go four times a week and I have gained more muscle in 6 months than I did in two years, going from 178 pounds to 195. Not only has my muscle increased my strength has as well. My max bench on the bench has now become my usual rep weight and my squat weight has more than doubled.

Martin will factor in whatever requests you have in your workout and in my case will keep working with you even if you live in a different country for a majority of the year. I highly recommend working with Martin whether you are new or old to the gym and want to gain a significant amount of muscle and strength.

Kirsten Stewart

"I have worked with Martin for the last fourteen months and he has helped me to realise my fitness and weight loss goals and then set new targets.  Martin focuses on technique and realistic programs that are tailored to fit into the two, hour long sessions, I have each week.  Each session is demanding and varied and allows me to develop and improve during each session and when I am bored with the routine Martin will change the session so I am constantly building on the work previously done.  These changes allow me to improve but also keep the sessions interesting and therefore sustainable and I look forward to my workouts each week.  If I have any questions at any time Martin is happy to answer them either by e-mail or text or is always happy to meet up and go over the particular part of the routine I might be having problems with.  I am delighted with the results – although I have had to buy a complete new wardrobe to fit new reduced size and shape (not such a hardship)- I would recommend Martin to anyone who wants to see sustained results." Kirsten Stewart

Julia Lawton, University of Edinburgh Professor, 44 years old

"I have been training with Martin for several few months – the fact that I keep coming back for more sessions speaks for itself.  Martin is extremely good at what he does – he has an excellent knowledge of physiology and puts a great deal of thought and care into my training programme. I have noticed a significant improvement in my muscle tone, strength, posture and flexibility. I cannot recommend him strongly enough"

Colin Mills, Examinations Administrator, 26 years old

"Having worked with Martin over several months I have not only improved my physical fitness but my mental well-being has also improved. Having someone as focused as Martin to help you with your training is extremely beneficial as he can tailor a programme and diet plan to suit you. I would be happy to recommend Martin as a professional and supportive trainer"

Will Lawton, Student, 22 years old

"Martin worked with me over several months and I have definitely felt (and seen) massive benefits. Each session was really well structured to get the most out of the time available, I was always pushed hard yet came out of every session in a much better mood than when I went in. When I left the country, I was given a fantastic work-out structure that I've used ever since, so the benefits have just kept going. Completely knows his stuff, pushes you when you need it and gets great results. Massively recommended."

Allan Christensen, Maintenance Technician, 55 years old

"I gave up smoking this year and decided to improve my fitness level, or at least give it a go. I am 55 years old and thought I was on the wrong side of hope/help. I was given contact details for Martin Christie  personal trainer, and gave him a call to set up an assessment session at Edinburgh's CSE. I had intended booking 8-10 sessions but Martin booked me in for 12  x 1 hour sessions (plus free assessment) within my budget. It is truly the best decision I have made since giving up smoking. I did check out other personal trainers but the balance between cost and facilities was best met by Martin's offer. Martin worked me harder than I would have managed on my own and the results over a 6 week period were, for me, amazing. I lost weight, gained fitness, strength  and  a new desire to carry on the work that Martin started.  I have now joined the CSE gym and my wife, impressed by my new level of fitness, has also joined. Martin gave me the motivation/encouragement and belief required when starting something like this. I don't think there are many people who can do this on their own. It's too easy to quit or under achieve but that's where a personal trainer comes in. I have no trouble in recommending Martin to friends and colleagues and anyone else who will listen. Give it a go, you will NOT be disappointed"

Georgia Dede

"I came to Martin with the aim of  regaining fitness after giving birth. Martin offered lots of variety with the exercise programme that helped keep each session both interesting and challenging. He was very helpful and flexible, usually able to accommodate the few times I had available due to a busy working schedule. He gave me enough support, offering advice when required. I would recommend Martin as a supportive and professional trainer."

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