Jason White – Former Scotland Captain(66 caps), British Lion, Sale Sharks, Clermont Augverne

"Martin has been excellent in getting the Watsonians players to develop their levels of conditioning this season. The players have developed their gym strength and more importantly had the fitness to perform for 80 minutes. For me, as a coach, it has been so important to see them finish the matches stronger than their opponents"

Gary Beadle, Actor

"After training with my personal trainer Martin for 5 weeks over the summer of 2013, I can honestly say, that his methods of fat burning and muscle building transformed my physical appearance to such a degree that Hollywood movie director, Ron Howard, was most impressed when I began work on his next project 'Heart Of Sea', a Warner Bros production due for release in the autumn of 2015. "

Sharadha Bain

"I began training with Martin in July 2014. I wanted to feel strong and healthy - but was very unfit when we began and it was daunting to feel I had a long way to go. Martin promised me at our first meeting that he would have me enjoying working out. I was sceptical - but he was right!

Martin is skilled at tailoring the workouts to a level that is challenging yet satisfying. I found I gained strength and confidence quickly.

Best of all, every session left me with a great boost of positive feelings that lasted well into the next day.

I found Martin very professional and easy to work with. He is always positive and encouraging without being pushy or harsh. He is so hard-working and committed himself that he inspires the same in me.

I have greatly enjoyed working with Martin and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.”

Paul Richard, aged 36, Lawyer

"Having completed my first triathlon  a couple of years ago I needed a new focus for my training and was looking to do more weights. I approached Martin to come up with a plan to build muscle and learn how to best utilise the gym equipment. Martin was brilliant at giving me not only a clear plan and programme but also guiding me through the best techniques to get the most from my routine. Having trained with Martin for over a year the way I exercise has been transformed and although after many sessions I can hardly move it is always more than worth it. I would recommend Martin to anyone looking for a professional trainer who first and foremost knows what he is talking about and will push you to achieve your goals."

Chris Ewan, Aged 37.

As someone who had not been in regular exercise for some time I was very out of shape and more over weight than I had realised, Martin’s approach was excellent.  We talked through what I wanted achieve and the best ways for us to move forward, Martin looked at my diet and recommend ways that I should adjust that to work with the exercise to help me achieve my goals.  Martin’s determination and enthusiasm to help is fantastic.  His knowledge and experience mean that he is able to give advice and guidance on every aspect of my fitness programme and I feel that I can trust his advice completely as I know that it has come years of experience and education within the industry.  With Martin’s help I have managed to shed over 15kg and still going.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who was looking for a Personal Trainer, either as someone who is looking to get back in shape for something specific or starting from scratch with no experience at all.

My starting weight was 106kg in April. It is now December and I am now sitting at 88kg, with Martins help I continue to make progress and further change my body shape.

Amanda Woodrow, Aged 24. Competitive Distance Runner

I've been working with Martin since the summer when I decided to return to competitive running. I knew my endurance was okay but I was lacking in speed and strength. Martin devised a great program for me to do 2-3 days a week focusing on free weights for strength and conditioning. I've noticed a huge improvement in my running ever since. Although his core workouts are really horrible they've made a huge difference to my  stability and form. He really knows his stuff about sport specific training and was really motivational when I suffered and injury. Despite having to completely change my program be helped me stay fit and keep training whilst my back healed. He's a great person to train with, and although he makes you work extra hard it's definitely worth it!

Ewan Watson, aged 27, Wind Turbine Engineer

I have been working with Martin on/off for a year and a half and over this period have seen some major improvements. I first decided on the idea of a Personal Trainer in 2011 at another gym in Edinburgh however through a friend’s recommendation I decided to switch to Martin. With the price, slot flexibility and the facilities available at Edinburgh University CSE this was an easy decision.

My aim was to gain muscle mass through various sessions however due to the nature of my work and other commitments I could only attend twice a week to start off with. Martin tailored my programme to this as well as giving me extra sessions to do in the gym on my own. I was soon smashing my PBs in all departments which is a credit to Martin and his tailored programmes.

Martin is a great guy and a very professional trainer who I would highly recommend (I have had other trainers in Edinburgh) - I have already recommended Martin to a number of people at work.

Some of the strength feats I achieved were I went from benching 107kg to 140kg, squatting 120kg to 160kg, bodyweight chin ups to weighted chin ups with 20kg and a 90kg strict press.

Nara Keveripatnam Aged 48

Martin is one of the very best, if not the very best personal trainers you can get in Edinburgh. He preaches what he practices. I engage him for three days a week and have completely transformed my life.

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