I am a personal trainer in Edinburgh who is committed to providing an excellent standard of service to those who wish to improve their physical fitness and change their lifestyle. I provide a tailor-made service to individual clients to enable them to target and achieve their goals.

I provide a winning formula of exercises that generate a noticeable decrease in fat mass and an increase in lean muscle - resulting in superior conditioning and an eye-catching physique.

Whether you need to lose weight, increase strength, improve sporting performance or any other fitness related goal - my training methods will help you achieve this, using the most theoretical and effective approach.

Currently I have clients aged from 16 to 60, both male and female with fitness levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

In a time where anybody can do a 6 week course to become a personal trainer it is important you pick a trainer who has the qualifications, experience and knowhow to help you transform your physique and achieve your goals.

Invest your time and money wisely and book up with somebody who knows EXACTLY what they’re doing and achieve your results fast!

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